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Top 5 Best Gym Bags for Commuters 2020 Update

Here Are The Best Gym Bags for Commuters

Are you a commuter and finding the best gym bags for commuters? When it comes to staying healthy and fit, most of us have the best of intentions: eat right, avoid stress, and exercise regularly. When it comes to that last point, however, it’s oh-so-easy to skip that trip to the gym “just this once.” Unfortunately, all too often, that “once” turns into forever.

While a good gym bag admittedly isn’t a miracle motivator, it can be very helpful in keeping you on track with your exercise program. Owning a gym bag makes it more convenient to leave the house and visit the pool, the YMCA, the trail, or wherever you like to work out.

But finding the proper gymnasium bag is a touch of physical exertion in itself. There are so many to choose from that it can be tempting just to pick whichever is cheapest. That can lead to disappointment, however.


  1. Osprey Rev 6 Backpack


Soft mesh and plenty of padding on the back and shoulders of the Osprey Rev 6 create a great cushion next to the skin. With perforations throughout, the harness system adds breathability, too.

The waist strap has 2 “wings” pod pockets that wrap around the hips dispersing any potential pressure from the cincture. It’s heavier than some of the other options here, but only by an ounce or two nothing that most will notice.

Stability in Motion:

Three straps on the front of the Rev facilitate hold the load stable. Two adjustable straps cross the chest, and a hip belt does a great job of keeping the pack in place. In addition, the bladder has a divider in it that limits sloshing.


Osprey uses its line of association bladders and that they would be impressive. This is one of the lightest ones on the market. A push-button releases the hose making it easier to remove the bladder for refills.

The sleeve for the bladder contains an inbuilt bar that produces it easier for slippy the bladder into the fish hawk Rev half-dozen. A magnet on the bite valve grabs its mate on the os strap, but it often fell off in the bigger bumps of rougher terrain.


The Osprey Rev 6 has plenty of room. The main pocket is a giant with scores of area for layers, food, and even an extra pair of shoes in an adventure race.

The hydration bladder has a dedicated sleeve with a stiffener rod that helps make it easy to slip the bladder in even when the pack was stuffed. Two zippered hip facet pockets area unit good for bars or specs.

  • Bladder hose disconnects easily
  • Easy to slip bladder into pack
  • Plenty of back venting
  • Hose magnet not strong enough


  1. Camelbak Fourteener 20 Backpack


The Camelbak Fourteener 20 Backpack is bulky and rigid, making it less comfortable of an option for the long haul. At first look it’s been passionate about it would be a cycle pack because it is sort of stiff.

The pack is not necessarily uncomfortable to wear; it’s just not super plush like other high-end packs in its class when going long hours.

Stability in Motion:

There is sensible motion management, with several front chest straps, side straps, and elastic rear cords. The system isn’t body-conforming, which somewhat limits stability under extreme conditions.


This is a heavier pack, coming in at over a pound without the bladder. With the burden will return A level of hardiness that may handle the weather or abuse against rocks and thorns.

Quality of Construction:

The construction and materials used are above average within this class. The buckles, seams, and zippers are solid, as well as the placement of smaller features, such as gel pouches and hydration hose draws.

Multi-Sport Versatility:

The CamelBak immoderate ten is good for multisport as it’s well-created, solid, and comfortable. The weight and bulk of the pack limit its specificity for ultra-long distance running use.

  • Gear capacity
  • Hydration bladder, hose, and valve
  • Pack construction
  • Back panel ventilation
  • Bulky materials
  • Heavy
  1. Salomon Agile2 7 Backpack


Soft honeycombs of fabric on the Salomon Agile2 7 keeps it comfortable, even next to the skin. Wings on rock bottom corners cushion the waist strap. Two strips of swiss cheese padding down the back, cushion and kick up a little airflow, adding up to plenty of comforts.

Stability in Motion:

Agile2 seven has the smallest amount subtle stabilization system and it shows on the path. The combination of the waist strap and the four-point adjustable sternum strap wrangled the load fairly well, keeping it calm on smooth trails. But on the rougher ground, we noticed jostling and noise from the pack.


The two-liter Hydrapak bladder hangs from associate degree adjustable length toggle within the most pocket. The zip provides wide and free access to the main compartment.

The insulated hose routes over either shoulder and passes through a material holder on the strap.

This holds it securely, but testers found it occasionally forced the hose to kink, cutting off flow. This mostly happened while hunched over biking. Unlike many of the other packs, there’s no magnet to hold the tube. Instead, it hangs free, but the fabric holder does keep it out of the way but still accessible.


Most of the storage is within the most pocket. Zip access opens the financier Agile2 seven wide and a material divider separates the bladder from the remainder of the house.

It’s not cavernous, but there’s enough room here for snacks and layers. Two mesh pockets on the perimeters might hold further water bottles. The big factor this pack is lacking is straightforward stash pockets on the front for grabbing gels and snacks on the go.

Quality of Construction:

The Salomon Agile2 7 looks solid. The elastic sternum strap locks in place mechanically, which we think will last longer than some of the “rail” style designs. Stitches look quality and secure.

Multi-Sport Versatility:

The Agile2 seven is that the most versatile of all the packs tested. The backpack style and ample storage make this an easy choice if you’re looking for a pack for all your aerobic pursuits.

  • Versatile design for many activities
  • Lots of storage room
  • Simple design
  • No front pockets
  1. Osprey Duro 6 Backpack


The Duro disappeared on my back because of 2 straps across the chest and wide shoulder straps. Yet another adjustable strap cinches the pack snugly. The chest straps have a bit of stretch and hook in place easily, slipping onto a rail system running down each shoulder strap.

The open jaw clips right and, with a quick pull, pops right off. A divider in the bladder sleeve keeps sloshing to a minimum.


The Duro comes with its own bladder, the 1.5-liter Osprey Hydraulics LT. A handy clip system separates the bladder from the hose for refilling without having to reroute the hose afterward. A divider in the bladder limits sloshing.

The pack doesn’t escort flasks, but pockets on each shoulder strap are ready to accommodate them. The Duro will carry a one.5-liter bladder and two 500 ml flasks up front for a total of 2.5 liters or roughly 85 ounces.


The Duro has a more traditional, backpack design; with a zipper access hydration sleeve, the main pocket, and a valuables pocket. There’s a kangaroo pouch out the back and an easy spot to stash a layer on the fly. A couple of sleeves and pockets ride on the shoulder straps.

Our main issue with the Duro came from the marsupial pocket. It worked great but is suspended by two clips that snap to the top of the pack. To access the three zip pockets means undoing these zippers, which is an annoyance?

  • Versatile design for many activities
  • Lots of storage room
  • Simple design
  • Clips get in the way of zippers
  1. Proviz Reflect360


The fabric Proviz uses for the entire outer shell of the Reflect360 comprises millions of tiny reflective beads that bounce back car headlights and make this the most visible piece of cycling kit you’ve ever seen. The fabric is also water-resistant but not waterproof.

We haven’t tested this since we’re in the middle of a heatwave, but running it under the tap the water runs off rather than soaking in. Inside there’s an organizer with a padded laptop/tablet sleeve and a zipped mesh pocket. There’s a waist strap and a chest strap.

We found the Reflect360 a little hot in the summer, particularly as there’s a ‘collar’ that joins the straps behind the neck, and we found this also interfered with the back of a helmet once during a road bike position.

Fantastic visibility for nighttime commutation, a pleasant form, and design, except for road cyclists, the strap arrangement may be reworked.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Not much padded


Luckily, there’s an easier way to choose the perfect gym bag for your needs. You can let us help you. If you just want to grab your bag and get to that spin class as quickly as possible, check out our favorite we’re confident to recommend.

If you’d prefer to learn a lot regarding gymnasium luggage generally, together with a way to select and use them, read on. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters.

Different Types of Gym Bags:

There are actually several different types of bags that fall under the umbrella term “gym bag.” While all of them will transport your clothing, equipment, and water bottle to the health club and back, each has its own pros and cons, and knowing those points makes it easier to select the bag that’s best for your needs.

Traditional Gym Bags:

Traditional gym bags are similar to duffel bags, but they have more pockets. Short handles and a long strap to sling over your shoulder for hands-free use are the norms, and most also have an inner frame that provides a bit of structure. Like duffel bags, you’ll find a wide range of colors and sizes.

Duffel Bags:

A popular choice not only for trips to the gym but also as carrying on luggage, duffel bags are the most basic gym bags. A duffel bag is cylindrical with only one large compartment, although there may be one or two small outer pockets for small items. This type of bag has two handles but no rigid frame.


Backpacks for gymnasium use would be typically a bit larger than the backpack your kid uses to lug books to high school. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters.

Most have a roomy inner space and one or two outer pockets for small items. A handle on top of the backpack makes it easy to tote by hand, but you can also elect to use the shoulder straps and keep your hands free.

People who bicycle or build the use of public transportation might realize a gymnasium backpack significantly convenient.

Gym Totes:

Gym totes are basically large bags with two handles. Some have a drawstring or similar closure at the top; others are entirely open. Many totes are quite stylish, making them a good choice if you head directly from the office to the gym or vice versa.

They are conjointly handy for packing massive things like a laptop computer, yoga mat, towel, or bulky equipment.

check out more  totes here

Gym Bag Materials:

What is a good gym bag made of? You’ll realize many material decisions after you go on a spree. Polyester is one of the foremost common gymnasium bag materials. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters. Heavy-duty polyester is strong and fairly easy to wipe clean.

It holds in the wet well, so your wet bathing suit won’t soak through the fabric. On the downside, because it doesn’t breathe, polyester bags are prone to the growth of stinky mold and bacteria.

Nylon is lightweight and inexpensive, but it doesn’t hold shape and isn’t very durable. It stains simply and did not hold in wet furthermore as polyester does. Still, if you just need a lightweight bag for occasional use and you don’t want to pay a lot of nylon can be a good choice.

Leather looks luxurious, no doubt about it. It’s also durable and holds its shape well. On the downside, leather is heavy, expensive, prone to staining, and known for retaining odors. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters.

You might not wish a wholly animal skin gymnasium bag, but if you like the look of leather, consider a polyester or canvas gym bag with leather trim or handles.

Canvas is a heavy fabric made from cotton or a cotton blend. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and usually machine washable. In short, it’s an excellent selection for gymnasium luggage that usually carries smelly consumer goods.

Unless treated for water-resistance, however, canvas doesn’t hold in wet all right. Canvas luggage typically have animal skin trim and handles for additional strength, giving them a touch of style. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters.

Gym Bag Features:

Once you’ve determined the gymnasium bag vogue and material that best fit your wants, there would still some different options to contemplate. The following is a list of gym bag features that we think you might appreciate.

There are different models and sizes of gym bags that women can choose for their workout activities. Picking a perfect gym bag makes a workout sweeter. Whether you are looking for a kit for yoga or daily commute, there is an ideal gym kit out there that can fulfill your workout needs. Most importantly, a great exercise bag should be comfortable, wearable, and practical.



The comfort of a gym bag is so important, especially for those women who commute for long distances. Ideally, you should pick a gym bag that has well-padded and adjustable shoulder straps. Individuals who carry heavy items such as hand weights can improve their gym experience by choosing bags with comfort features.

Build Quality:

Most women are tough on their gym gear, just like men. They should, therefore, choose kits from reputable brands. A great gym bag is made from, durable, quality materials, which are ripped and water-resistant. The sides and base of a gym bag have reinforced materials, making it a suitable option for carrying heavy items. You should look for a handy, quality and convenient gym bag for your clothes, shoes, and other gym essentials.


Storage is one of the essential things that you think about when picking a gym bag. Since most women go for their workout activities on their way from work, they should have numerous ways of organizing their stuff and keeping them separate. The main compartment is meant for a towel and clothes. The smaller compartments are for small items and valuables like makeup up or shower gear.


In addition to this, a gym kit should have a waterproof compartment for keeping the phone away from towels and wet, sweaty clothes. Again, it should have an insulated, separate shoe bag to prevent shoes from stinking up the bag. Most importantly, you should ensure that your gym essentials easy to grab and visible.


Putting on the right gear makes it more fun for one while exercising. Apart from shopping the best gym clothes, women should carry them with stylish gym bags instead of old bargain basement bags. Good looking bags come in great patterns and colors. Women should look for gym bags that look great and match their styles.

Apart from looking good, brightly colored bags are easier to find, especially in crowded gym classes or rooms. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters.


Maybe you just need a couple of compartments to separate your shoes from your clothes, or maybe you want several pockets to organize a multitude of items. Either way, we think most people find compartments are pretty important.

Waterproof pocket:

If you swim, you’ll want at least one waterproof compartment to store your suit after hitting the water. Everyone likes to organize their kit into appropriate compartments, right?!

A quality sports backpack can have a range of pockets, therefore, you’ll keep your lunch removed from the remainder of your baggage. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters.

Sections designed for tire levers, tubes and a pump will be helpful too, as well as zipped compartments for valuables and side pockets for easy to reach access. If you’re cycling to work, you might also want to look for a laptop pocket with padding to keep your tech safe.


If you commute on a regular basis, it’s likely you’ll find yourself forced to ride in the rain at some point. Many packs go with waterproof removable covers, whilst some are simply constructed from a waterproof fabric.

If you’re searching for a totally waterproof possibility, check for taped seams which will help to keep the droplets out.

Reflective Details:

Whilst the number one requirement when riding in the dark is a good set of bike lights, reflective details are a good idea and many packs will come with these.

Hydration System:

More often a requirement for mountain bikers, a hydration system could come in handy for a roadie who dabbles in an off-road riding like cyclocross or gravel bike adventures. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters.

More mountain bike orientated packs will often come with a bladder, whilst those aimed more at road cyclists may just have a compartment that will fit a bladder and a loop at the shoulder wherever a drinking tube maybe keep if used.

Water Bottle Holder:

Many gymnasium baggage embodies associate degree outer pocket, usually made of mesh, to keep a water bottle close at hand.

Reinforced Seams:

Nobody needs their gymnasium bag to tear apart within the place of business automobile parking space. Reinforced seams keep your bag together longer. They are especially important if you carry heavy, bulky, or pointed equipment.

Yoga Mat Strap:

One of the bulkiest items you might want to carry in your gym bag is a yoga mat. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters. Instead of tucking it under your arm or jamming it into your duffel, go for a gym bag with a strap or compartment specifically designed to carry your mat.

Ventilated Shoe Pocket:

Damp gymnasium shoe ar a warranted formula for stink. An airy shoe pocket lets your sneakers air out, cutting down on the opportunity for germs or mildew to gain a foothold.

Reinforced Zippers:

The zipper on your gymnasium bag is commonly the weakest spot. Reinforced zippers have extra stitching and supportive fabric to bolster their strength.



If you carry more than gear, you’ll appreciate a bag with wheels. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters.

Padded Straps:

A heavy bag can really pull on your shoulders or hands. You can take a bit of the pressure off, and improve your comfort if you carry a bag with padded straps. We are recommending the best gym bags for commuters.


Whether you want to show off your personality with a neon bag or carry something a bit more discreet, there’s a gym bag to match your style and color preference. We are recommending the best gym bags for Crossfit.

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